Independent Australia travel - Australia Travel Plan

Australia at your own pace

Australia is the ideal destination for an adventurous, independent, out of the ordinary holiday. Stargaze next to roaring Outback campfires, trek through dense rainforests, snorkel through coral reefs and stroll through Australia's trendy cities.

The world's largest island, Australia, is massive. You could fit England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland into Australia 31 times and there would still be space left over. Australia has so much to offer that it's almost impossible to fit the highlights into a holiday of a few weeks. 

We'll help you build your own independent Australia travel plan, using a selection of interesting options. Our friendly travel specialists know the country's must see's and hidden gems, so we're confident that we can create the perfect, personal, independent Australia Travel Plan for you. 

What does Australia Travel Plan offer?

Australia Travel Plan will help you build a unique independent Australia travel experience by providing you a wide selection of Australia self drives and small group Australia adventures (modules). Our mini-tours have been carefully selected by our team of travel specialists who have personal in-depth knowledge of Australia.

Many travellers to Australia want to experience a combination of the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Sydney, the epic Outback desert, the underwater beauty of the Great Barrier Reef and the idyllic beaches of the Pacific Ocean. These experiences are the foundation of our independent Australia tours. 

We also offer a number of independent Australia itineraries for those who want their trips ready to go!
Independent Australia travel - Fun at the reef
Independent Australia travel - Sydney Opera House

Flights to Australia

We can also organise your flights to Australia in combination with your land arrangements. This gives you the convenience of booking everything 'under one roof'. We'll make sure that your flights to Australia are well co-ordinated with your independent Australia Travel Plan. Of course, the price of flights to Australia will vary according to the time of year you wish to travel, how far ahead you book and how flexible your travel dates are.

Already booked your flight to Australia?
No problem at all. Australia Travel Plan can help you organise your land arrangements without including an international flight.

Building your Australia Travel Plan

As an internet travel agency, we work quickly and efficiently behind the scenes. Simply note down the bite-sized Australia adventures or the Australia itinerary you're interested in and submit your enquiry via the quote request form. We'll then send you a no-obligation quotation called an Australia Travel Plan.

When you're satisfied with your Australia Travel Plan, just go ahead and fill out the booking form on this website. We'll collect a deposit, and once we've confirmed your booking and finalised the payments, your Australia travel documents will be emailed to you.
Independent Australia travel - Rainforest accommodation
Independent Australia travel - Outback dinner

Australia Travel Plan, not your typical travel agent

Australia Travel Plan is part of Rickshaw Travel. Rickshaw Travel is a UK based ABTA / ATOL bonded tour operator. We specialise in providing solutions for holiday makers who want to travel independently, taking in the highlights of a country, but with arrangements made in advance. Our travel style is to use comfortable, but smaller scale accommodation that has an authentic feel. We promote responsible tourism and also sponsor a number of community projects in the countries in which we operate.

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